What you will receive using our app

The bundle of features in the Reburn app!

  • Over 300 workout videos across Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, and Martial Arts in both Thai & English.
  • Workouts are designed to be completed at least four times each, so you have hundreds of workouts in both Thai & English.
  • New workouts in both Thai & English added regularly.
  • All your individual workouts are tracked so you can instantly see which workouts you have completed as well as the number of times.
  • Receive prizes (quality yoga mat, sports drink bottle, cap. sweatband) for reaching Gold & Silver status for workouts & challenges completed.
  • Post your dietary and food questions to our in-house Reburn sports dietician who answers ten questions each week from Reburn users. Q & A posted on our private Facebook page.
  • Our Founder, a leading Australian sports dietician produces a fortnightly video blog on a food/ diet “Food of the Week.” An opportunity to hear from an expert about important dietary topics.
  • Link the Reburn app to Apple Health & Google Fit to track your steps, walking & running distances.
  • Try out our challenges and push yourself to improve your own performance.
  • Test yourself against others & join our Challenges Leaderboard.
  • Track all your personal activity in the app under your own Profile page.
  • Become part of our community & join our Facebook & LINE private groups. Share before/ after pictures and get motivated by other Reburn members.
  • Access to our Discovery section where we provide articles on Food & Diet, Fitness, & News & Tips.
  • Receive a fortnightly blog on important fitness & health articles.
  • Swap & change as many times as you like between the Thai or English versions of the app.
  • Be part of a community sharing your own experiences with a group of like-minded people from across the world.
  • Plus, lots more as we aim to make the Reburn app one of the leading fitness/ yoga app in its price range.