The 12 most Common Questions

How do I use the app?

Simply watch this 3-minute video to see all the app features.

How to use Personalized Fitness Planner?

Simply watch this 30 seconds video to see how to use Personalized Fitness Planner.

What does the heart symbol mean on the workouts?

The heart symbol on the top right-hand corner of each workout reflects the number of people who have liked the workout.

If the heart is red, it signifies that it is a workout you have liked as well.

What are the most popular workouts?

I guess if you judge the popularity of a workout by the number of likes (hearts) it has received you can quickly scroll down each workout & determine those workouts with the highest number of likes showing in the top right-hand corner.

Does the app track all the workouts I have done?

It certainly does. Simply hit Profile (bottom right on the Home screen) and then Activity. You will see displayed the number of times you have completed each workout for the current month & for the whole time you have been using the app.

Which workouts should I do first?

See the attached article under Discover “Where Do I Start.”  Whether you are a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced you will find the right workout program for your own needs.

Can the app track my walking & running distance?

It certainly can & links to both Apple Health & Google Fit. Simply open Profile (bottom right on Home screen) & then Stats & follow the prompts. If you have any trouble getting these to work refer to our Help Section – “How do I connect the Reburn app to my Apple Health or Google fit app?”

How do I change the language between Thai & English?

Simply open the gear icon (top right of the screen) & under Setting open Preferences/ Languages. You can swap & change between languages as many times as you like.

How can I refer a friend to the app?

We would love you to refer your friends to the app. Simply hit the arrow button on the top right corner of the screen & away you go – it’s that simple. The more people who join the more money we raise for charity & of course they become part of the Reburn community.

I want information on diet?

Well, you have come to the right app. Open Discover – Food & Diet where you will see lots of articles to help you. Every fortnightly on our Reburn Facebook Community Page our resident Dietitian posts a video blog about a particular food product. And every fortnightly our same resident Dietitian answers 10 Reburn users’ questions about diet. To ask a question simply email us at

Note we are limited to answering ten questions per week.

I want to post Before & After pictures on the Reburn Facebook page & share my success story?

We encourage people to share their own successes and help motivate others. Simply log on to our Facebook page. You’ll find the link in the app (please refer to our Facebook rules).

I need more Help!

We have over 50 Help Q & A’s to solve any issues you may encounter. On the Home Screen open the gear icon (top right) & Help. 

If you cannot find the answer in the Help section then simply email us at