Jac Keleher

Growing up on the southern beaches of Tasmania, I’ve been surfing from a very young age, which is really where my passion for movement began! I’ve always been more interested in alternative forms of movement that are more focused on becoming centered and calm, while still moving my body. I began practicing yoga at 15 years of age. It’s been over ten years since then, and I still continue to learn something new every day! I love being out in nature, surfing, and practicing yoga. My yoga and meditation classes are designed to help you get strong, flexible, centered, and calm. Yoga and meditation changed my life, and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you along your wellness journey.

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  • 750+ hour RYT – Yoga & Meditation Teacher
  • 100-hour RYT – Meditation Teacher



Where do you live?

Noosa, Queensland, Australia.

Favorite food:

Anything homemade with beautiful, fresh, and organic veggies (especially if I’ve just bought them from the farmer’s market that morning!).

A typical day:

Every day generally looks very different for me! But typically, each day I will do my meditation practice, head to the studio to teach my classes, spend some time with the people I love, go for a walk, and either go to a yoga class or head out to surf. And if I’m really lucky, I might even catch the sunset!

Countries I have visited:

Indonesia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Canada, USA. I also lived in Europe for two years and traveled to many countries there!

Five words that describe me:

Adventurous, calm, kind, grounded, creative.

Our Approach

  • Intensity over duration

    When intensity is right, no need to spend hours training. 30 minutes is all you need.

  • Challenges to track your progress

    See how your fitness and strength is improving by completing the challenges on the app. Can you do more burpees in 60 seconds after completing 4 weeks of our workouts?

  • No equipment necessary

    With no equipment needed to complete our workouts, there’s one less barrier to getting your workout in.

  • One workout for all levels

    Each workout provides options for all levels- beginner to advanced- letting you choose any workout from the app.