Siriwan Apperley

Hi, all fitness and yoga lovers. My nickname is May, and I am one of your Thai Reburn trainers.

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I have extensive experience in yoga and fitness training. My training qualifications are as follows.

  • FIT – Certified Yoga Instructor
  • FIT – Nutrition Specialist
  • FIT – Pilates Anatomy
  • FIT – Training Pregnant & Post-Partum
  • FIT – Lower Back pain
  • FIT – MAT 1&2
  • FIT – Weight Loss Specialist
  • FIT – Reformer Yoga ALLIANCE – Certified Pre Natal Yoga instructor
  • FIT – Certified Personal Trainer
  • Yoga VIDYA – Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda program
  • Yoga VIDYA – Yoga Ayurveda Prakriti, Lifestyle Diet & Nutrition
  • Yoga GITA – Children’s certified Yoga teacher
  • Hatha Vinyasa Yoga – Yoga Sequencing and
  • Hatha Vinyasa Intermediate Sequencing



I work with people with a view to helping them build and develop their goals over a measurable time frame. We are all motivated by different things but there is something within all of us that wants to help, inspire, and serve other people in some way.

I believe in the transformative, rejuvenating, restorative, healing, and uplifting powers of yoga. I get up early every day driven to support and encourage people to step on the mat and keep returning – by encouraging people to train I feel that I am making a positive difference.

Where do you live?

I live in Bangkok.

Favourite Food

Thai Spicy Salad.

A typical day

Rise early at 4.45 am everyday with 1st client sessions starting around 5.45 am, generally fit in my own yoga coaching (1-2 hours ) around my client sessions.

Countries I have visited

I love travel and have been fortunate enough to visit England, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Malta, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Switzerland.

5 words that describe me

Determined, loyal, caring, honest, sincere.
I look forward to helping your transform your body with my yoga and fitness workouts.

Our Approach

  • Intensity over duration

    When intensity is right, no need to spend hours training. 30 minutes is all you need.

  • Challenges to track your progress

    See how your fitness and strength is improving by completing the challenges on the app. Can you do more burpees in 60 seconds after completing 4 weeks of our workouts?

  • No equipment necessary

    With no equipment needed to complete our workouts, there’s one less barrier to getting your workout in.

  • One workout for all levels

    Each workout provides options for all levels- beginner to advanced- letting you choose any workout from the app.