Carla Papac

Hi! My name is Carla and I am so excited to join you as you start your journey to becoming a healthier and fitter you!

Movement has always been a big part of my life as I have been involved in competitive sports since a young age. After doing nearly every sport, I stuck with Surf Ironwoman and am now a professional Ironwoman, competing in the Nutri-Grain Series around Australia and other events around the world.

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Through my own training and meeting so many amazing trainers and specialists, I realized I wanted to learn more about how exercise can improve our lives. I went on to study for a degree in Exercise Physiology at the University of Sydney and also completed my Pilates Instructor course. I love the feedback I get when people start to move their bodies and the way exercise can be used as medicine to heal the mind, body, and soul.

Pilates is my favorite workout as it is a low-impact workout that is safe for all ages and fitness levels. I also love to swim and run and of course spend time in the ocean!

Favourite food

I follow a plant-based, vegan diet! So, I love to make big nourishing meals filled with fruits and veggies. I make the yummiest smoothie bowls!!

A typical day

A typical day for me includes waking up at 5 am to go swim training, I then spend my day treating and providing rehabilitation programs for people with a range of chronic conditions and injuries or I film some Reburn workouts!. I then finish off my day by going to the beach for another training session in the ocean!

5 words that describe me

friendly, dedicated, loyal, and innovative.

Our Approach

  • Intensity over duration

    When intensity is right, no need to spend hours training. 30 minutes is all you need.

  • Challenges to track your progress

    See how your fitness and strength is improving by completing the challenges on the app. Can you do more burpees in 60 seconds after completing 4 weeks of our workouts?

  • No equipment necessary

    With no equipment needed to complete our workouts, there’s one less barrier to getting your workout in.

  • One workout for all levels

    Each workout provides options for all levels- beginner to advanced- letting you choose any workout from the app.