Catherine Crane

My name is Catherine, and I live in Hobart, the capital of the picturesque island of Tasmania. I have been teaching yoga for over 7 years and specialize in Vinyasa, Yin, and Meditation. I am passionate about the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and often incorporate it into my classes. I grew up on the beach and am a nature lover.

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  • Exquisite Metamophis 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) with Meghan Currie, Bali, 2016
  • Yoga Wheel Training 8hrs with Martina Lee, Pure Yoga Hong Kong, 2018
  • Yoga Mentorship with Gloria Day, Pure Yoga Hong Kong, (ongoing) 2017-2018
  • Embodied Flow ‘Body’ Advanced Module 100hrs with Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons, Bali, 2018
  • Ayurveda Yoga Certificate 100hrs, Adishakti Yoga School, Kerala, India, 2019
  • Thai Traditional Massage 60hrs, The Sunshine School, Chiang Mai, 2019
  • Reiki Level 1 & 2, Kate Parrott, Bali, 2019
  • Yin Yoga Training 50hrs with Mel McLaughlin, Tasmania, 2021
  • Zen Thai Shiatsu Level 1, with Brooke Elliston, Sydney, 2021
  • Shiva Sutras with Tara Judelle, 2021
  • Zen Thai Flow 150hrs with Gwynn Williams, Ninderry, 2022
  • Soma Chandra Yin Training 50hrs with Persian Juliet, 2022
  • Kahuna Bodywork 60hrs, Ebony Prins, 2022



I love nothing more than a day spent hiking, regardless of the weather or whether it’s in the mountains or along the coast—I love it all. In addition to teaching yoga, I also offer Kahuna massage and acupressure as my side hustle. I love to travel and have been known to jet off for retreats and short teaching contracts overseas.

I’ve taught yoga and lived in Hong Kong, Sydney, Indonesia, Cambodia, and now in my island home, Tassie! Every day is different, but it always involves yoga and meditation.

Five Words That Describe Me: Friendly, deep, compassionate, joyful, fun

I can’t wait to connect with you on the Reburn App and share some of my incredible yoga classes!

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