Kendo Phoph

Hello. My name is Kendo and I’m your Reburn trainer.

I’ve been fascinated with physical and mental training since I was a child, drawing inspiration from famous masters in history, movies and literature.

As a teenage boy I was often involved in duels with my friends. I have since started to learn and practice skills with various prominent masters to enhance my physical and mental strength. My practice includes martial arts, exercises, weight lifting, acrobatics, yoga, meditation and therapeutic massage for healing – all based on the principles of anatomy, sports science, philosophy and tactics.

All of them lead to a single goal – to overcome the opponent whilst protecting my dignity.

Heavy training at a young age shaped my love for exercising, which later became an integral part of my life.

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Back in middle school, I was a boxer and judoist. I also competed in national fencing competitions, performed martial arts and worked as a stunt man in various programs. I was given opportunities to travel abroad and practiced different martial arts in many countries. In India, I made pilgrimages to practice different approaches of meditative yoga and became a Buddhist monk for about 3 years. At the Chen Family House, Shaolin Temple, White Horse Temple, Wudang Mountain and Huashan Mountain in China, I practiced kung fu, chi gong and tai chi. I travelled and practiced as a nomad in the United States, certified as a yoga, reiki and meditation instructor.

I became certified in every country I travelled to. At the same time, I shared and demonstrated various Thai arts, such as Thai boxing, Thai massage and Thai cuisine, among an international audience, with friendly duels arranged for those interested. As a result, I’ve made friends with like-minded people all over the world.

I taught philosophy, art and literature for a living. Hoping to share knowledge with mankind, I decided to leave my job at the university and travelled around the country (to Bangkok, Rayong, Phuket, Koh Phangan and Chiang Mai, among others) to spread my words. I also organised workshops and retreat programs in different countries including Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan. The journeys gave me a chance to experience various roles associated with my skills and my job. Today, I’m an instructor of yoga, meditation and martial arts, a therapeutic masseur harnessing sound and healing power, as well as an adventurer and cultural guide and a bodyguard.

I still enjoy learning, practicing and sharing. The art of yoga, meditation, tai chi and Thai boxing benefits both the body and the mind, which are the true treasures of life.
I wish you all a pleasant and fun life journey!

Our Approach

  • Intensity over duration

    When intensity is right, no need to spend hours training. 30 minutes is all you need.

  • Challenges to track your progress

    See how your fitness and strength is improving by completing the challenges on the app. Can you do more burpees in 60 seconds after completing 4 weeks of our workouts?

  • No equipment necessary

    With no equipment needed to complete our workouts, there’s one less barrier to getting your workout in.

  • One workout for all levels

    Each workout provides options for all levels- beginner to advanced- letting you choose any workout from the app.