Personal Fitness Plan

How to use Personal Fitness Plan? 

The Reburn App will produce your own personalised Fitness Plan. The process is so simple.

  1. Choose 3 goals you would like to achieve by using the app from the list provided.
  2. Tell us your fitness level.
  3. Your preferred type of workouts. Note your first preferred training style is the option you choose when onboarding and can be updated under Settings>Preferences>Class.
  4. The app will produce a 40-week workout plan in 8-week blocks.
  5. You can review and update your workout plan at any time.
  6. It’s your own individual workout plan – tailored specially for you.

You can update/change your own Personal Fitness Plan at any time. On the Home screen simply hit “Change My Goals” & follow the prompts whether you want to Change your Goals, Change you Fitness Level or change Your Second Preferred Training Style. Note your first preferred training style can be updated under Settings>Preferences>Class. You can swap & change your plan as many times as you like.

Each workout displayed in your Personal Fitness Plan is designed to be undertaken once per week. 

Off course there is no need to create your own Personal Fitness Plan. You may want to choose your own workouts from over 300 workouts provided whether they be 30 minutes, 15 minute or 10-minute workouts. Or you may have your own favourite trainer or workouts you want to continually use. The choice is yours.

Important Note: Before commencing any physical activity that may impact your health, and especially if you are returning to exercise after any injury or period of inactivity, you should consult your medical professional.

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