What is the best time of day to exercise?

There is forever going to be argument on what the best time of day to exercise is. Some people swear by the benefits of a morning fasted workout, while others insist they must have at least 2 meals under their belt before training and others insist they are strongest in the evening. But there is no one correct answer here!

The best time to exercise for you, is going to be the time you can best stick to. For some people, getting up early and getting it done first thing before anything else can get in the way works best for them. Others struggle with getting up early and prefer to train in the afternoon when they are feeling a little fresher. For the night owls, or those doing shift work, a late-night workout may be best.

The great thing about our workouts is you can do them from the comfort of your own home no matter what time of day you are working out. No need to worry about gym opening hours or even daylight hours!

If you are struggling with motivation to train, perhaps consider what time of day is best for you?

Morning Training

Means you can get your training done without having to um and ah about when you are going to fit it in. Some people also find when they have done one ‘healthy behaviour’ they are more likely to continue on with ‘healthy behaviours’ the rest of the day, .e.g. eating well! A morning workout also means that getting stuck at work late or being too tired after work won’t get in the way of achieving your goals. That morning endorphin hit may also benefit your productivity at work. And who doesn’t love the feeling on clocking off work and having the evening free!

Midday Training

For those with more flexible schedules, perhaps a mid-morning or lunch time workout is best. If you struggle to train on an empty stomach this means you can have at least one meal under your belt before training. This may also help you hit higher intensities in your training and get more out of the workout.

Afternoon/Evening Training

For those night owls or people who struggle with getting up early, this may be the ideal time of day to train for you. If you best function with a bit of a sleep in (or have to be at work too early to fit a morning workout in), afternoon’s may be best. If a late-night training session interferes with your sleep patterns, though, it may be wise to reconsider as sleep is crucial for good health.

Remember, there is no one best time to train. The best time to train for you, is the time that gets it done!