What are some healthy snacks?

While three meals per day are a great basis for a healthy diet, many people find they need snacks too to be well-fuelled and meet their fitness goals.
Snacks are a great opportunity to get extra nutrients in your day, aid in the growth of muscle mass, help maintain stable blood sugar levels and manage hunger between meals. Many people may think snacks are unhealthy but in reality, forgoing snacks can lead to being overly hungry later in the day and overeating.

When looking for a balanced snack, aim to include:

– a source of protein for satiety, blood sugar control and muscle growth and maintenance
 Think eggs, dairy, nuts/seeds, fish

-a good source of fibre for gut health and satiety
Think fruit, vegetables, whole grains

This could look like:

– 1-2 pieces fruit + a small handful of nuts
– 1-2 protein balls
– 2 dates with nut butter
– Yoghurt + fruit +/- muesli
– Brown rice cakes with tuna + tomato
– Protein muesli bar
– Portion controlled cheese & crackers
– Apple + 1-2tbsp nut butter
– Banana with peanut butter
– Fruit + milk smoothie