Where‌ ‌do‌ ‌I‌ ‌start?‌

Feeling overwhelmed by all the videos and all the options? Unsure where to start?

We are here to help!

Our videos can be broken down in to 3 main categories:

  • Strength
  • Cardio
  • Yoga (this category includes strength, flexibility and relaxation)

If you are new to exercise or have taken an extended time off, consider the following regime:

Week 1 – 1x flexibility yoga, 30 minute walk every other day
Week 2 – 1x flexibility yoga, 1x strength yoga, 30 minute walk every other day
Week 3 – 1x yoga (any), 1x strength (any), 30 minute walk every other day
Week 4 – 1x yoga (any), 1x strength (any), 1x cardio (any), 30 minute walk every other day
Week 5 – repeat week 4

After 5 weeks, reassess how you are feeling? Are you sore? Which videos have you found most challenging? Are you feeling more energised from your workouts?

Only you will know how many workouts you thrive off and how quickly you recover. If life is feeling stressful, you might opt for more yoga than cardio or strength.

If you’re feeling fresh and energised, maybe you can tolerate more of the cardio workouts!

If you have been training semi regularly, going on regular walks or frequently doing yoga, you may try:

Week 1 – 1x yoga, 1x strength, 1x cardio
Week 2 – 2x yoga, 1x strength, 1x cardio
Week 3 – 1x yoga, 2x strength, 1x cardio
Week 4 – 1x yoga, 1x strength, 2x cardio
Week 5 – 1x yoga, 2x strength, 2x cardio

Again, at this point (and throughout the 5 weeks!) you need to assess how YOUR body (and mind) is feeling!

If you still have energy left with the week 5 regime, perhaps you want to take a look at how many steps you are getting or bring in a jogging/running regime to compliment your workouts.

If you are a regular fitness fanatic, you probably know your body pretty well, but to get a good balance you could consider:

Week 1– 1x yoga, 2 strength, 1x cardio
Week 2– 1x yoga (any), 1x yoga (relaxation), 2x strength, 1x cardio
Week 3– 1x yoga, 2x strength, 2x cardio
Week 4– 2x yoga, 2x strength, 2x cardio

Again this may not be right for YOUR body, especially if you’re still keeping some elements of your previous fitness regime. Remember, training is supposed to improve your quality of life, not detract from it. You want your workouts to energise you to go about the rest of your life, not drain you!

Find the fitness regime that works for you, by trying out the different videos. Then assess how your fitness and strength is tracking with our challenges- and don’t forget to share your results for a place on the leaderboard!

Important Note: Before commencing any physical activity that may impact your health, and especially if you are returning to exercise after any injury or period of inactivity, you should consult your medical professional.