Refer a Friend

We would love to have you on board as part of our Refer a Friend Program. This program offers an exciting opportunity for you to earn commissions by referring our app to your network of contacts and online audience. Join us in shaping the future together and let’s embark on this journey of mutual growth and success! 

What is the Refer a Friend Program ? Watch this 3-minute video to gain a full understanding.

How Commission works?

  • You are paid $6 AUD for every paid subscriber referred by you.
  • 100 paid referred subscribers you would be paid a total of $600 AUD.
  • 1,000 paid referred subscribers you would be paid a total of $6,000 AUD.
  • Should a paid subscriber continue for month 2 you are paid a further $6 for that paid subscriber – a total of $12 per subscriber once off. We calculate and pay relevant commissions each week.

This process is repeated for all new paid subscribers so you can continue to refer friends & contacts for as long as you wish.

The Referral Process

The process of referring friends and contacts is completely automated within the app, enabling you to refer your friends and contacts via Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp, email, messages, Telegram, etc., with just a push of a button. We also provide you with a series of professionally prepared 6, 15, and 30-second promotional videos for posting on social media. All your referred friends and contacts are entered into the monthly draw to win a $100 AUD Lululemon voucher while they remain paid subscribers of the Reburn app. 

Note: we cannot guarantee your success. It depends on how motivated you are to gain referrals from your contacts.

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